What to Do When a Toilet Floods Your Home?


One of the most challenging situations is the issue of overflowing or clogged toilet. Toilet water can have adverse health complications on you as well as the others including pets. In this regard, it is advisable that you exercise extra caution when handling it. For example, you may use a disinfectant or a protective cloth when dealing with such a situation.

Basically, when your toilet is overflowing, it is advisable that you avoid the temptation of flushing the toilet. In addition to that, it is prudent that you turn off the water supply in order to avoid worsening the damage. Usually, there is a knob that is located near the pipes and you can check it in order to turn the water off.


What to Do When a Toilet Floods Your Home

There are several things that one should do when the toilet floods a home. To start with, it is important that you dry out all the affected areas and items. You do not have to own the drying equipment such as heater or dehumidifier. Rather, you can rent them out from a home improvement store. Drying helps you to protect property and prevent further damage.

You can also bring in a local water damage repair professional like http://a1emergencyservice.com/, or a national company like Servpro or Jarvis.

Second, you need to decide the best action concerning the carpet. One of the actions is to replace the carpet as a whole. This can be expensive. If this is not possible, you may do a thorough cleaning of the carpet.

Third, it is important that you become prepared on how to handle mold growth. The reason why toilet water encourages the growth of mold is that it contains organic matter which consequently sustains its growth. In fact, mold can form colonies on the wallpaper, wood, drywall as well as other surfaces.

Lastly, there is a limit of what a Do It Yourself (DIY) effort can do. It should be noted that fixing a toilet can be expensive. But it is important that you seek the assistance of a professional. The good thing with professionals is that they have the equipment and expertise to carry out a good restoration. In addition to that, they are able to identify the root cause of the problem and consequently offer a long-term solution. Moreover, when you work with the professionals, there is very little downtime.

Other things that can be of help when the toilet floods the home include the following:

-Notifying the landlord for any appropriate action

-Shutting off the electricity through the main breaker

-Taking a video or photos of the aftermath

-Repair or replacement of the carpet

-Ensuring that clean water is not contaminated in any way


You should evaluate if your home insurance covers the damage that can be caused by a flooding toilet. Similarly, check out if damage caused by mold is covered. However, there are some scenarios where the insurance company will not compensate you. For example, most insurance companies will not execute compensation that emanates from sewers. All the same, be sure to pay your deductibles.

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